Bestwood Housing – Office Refurbishment

The project comprised of the refurbishment of the Bestwood Housing Office, including demolition and alterations, new internal works, external works, signage, mechanical and electrical works and refurbishment of the existing areas.


Nottingham City Homes



Start Date

April 2014


12 weeks


July 2014


JCT Intermediate Contract with Contractors Design 2011



Building Type

Office refurbishment

Name of referee

Gemma Petrie-Tootell

Referee email address

Gemma.Petrie- Tootell@nottinghamcityhomes.


07827 311295

Project Background

New internal works included the provision of new kitchenettes, internal screens and door sets, toilets, lighting and suspended ceilings.

Key Achievements

• Close engagement with the client allowed our Project Manager to provide expert advice on product selection, aligning quality of product to best value.

• We were cognisant of the ongoing operational maintenance cost of the facility and by utilising our enduring relations with local suppliers we secured warranty periods of a minimum of 10 years for materials used for kitchens, ceilings, air conditioning, doors, windows and screens.

• Our commitment to providing added value for our client was reflected in our satisfaction survey, in which we received full marks for the quality of the product and overall service in comparison to other contractors the client had used.

• We achieved extremely positive feedback from both the project management team, Faithful and Gould, and the design team, Maber Associates. This included scoring 10/10 for completion to programme and the quality of our product.

• Adele Curry, Project Manager at Faithful and Gould commended us on “well informed progress meetings, keeping to programme, finish and quality, good communication and organisation and response to change”.