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Acocks Green Primary School – BMS Integration to Web Enabled Control of all Heating and Hot Water Plant

Acocks Green Primary School is located in Birmingham and has Academy status. The School’s heating system included a BMS control solution which allowed the City Council to dial in via a modem and telephone line.


Building Management Systems (BMS) Integration to Web Enabled Control of all Heating and Hot Water Plant


Acocks Green Primary School


September 2013

Services Provided by J Tomlinson

Re-design of Building Management control solution
Energy Efficiency – audit and advice M&E – installation of control solution

Project Background

Following a review of the system we concluded that the existing BMS solution was neither energy nor cost efficient and provided only limited control of the heating and hot water for the School. In addition, it was noted that pipe work lagging had not been carried out resulting in a heat loss of approximately 60%.

J Tomlinson Solution

Following the initial inspection and survey, our team liaised closely with the School’s Head Teacher and Facilities Manager DRB, to develop a bespoke BMS and heating improvement package for the School.

Our solution involved installing a router with a Static IP SIM card in it. This allows the system to send and receive data directly to and from the controller through the mobile network’s APN (Access Point Name). Once connected, the integrator software establishes communication with the controller. Graphics are put on the integrator and converted into web format so they can be viewed online school staff anywhere in the world. The graphics are compatible with PCs, tablets or smartphones.

We also identified the requirement for additional work to bring the heating and hot water plant up to full efficiency. It included lagging of pipework, pump modification and repair, minor repairs to the existing BMS, building works to stop the plant room flooding and sump pump modification.

In order to minimize disruption on site it was agreed work that would be undertaken during the summer holiday break. This meant work on site had to be carefully planned and coordinated around the limited access to key members of staff and buildings during this period.

Project Achievements

Convenience – BMS readings can be viewed any time or anywhere – graphics are put on the integrator and converted into web format so they can be viewed anywhere in the world online, as they are compatible with a PC, tablet or a smartphone.

Increased system visibility and awareness of energy use for the School – the web format enables the client to see live values from the plant and make changes to points where required, for example changing set points, this can viewed in a graphical representation of the plant or changing time zones.

Work delivered on time and to budget – ensuring no disruption to the start of the new school year.

Allows the client to retain their original BMS Controller – also releases connection from Local Authority management and accommodates integration of third party software and monitoring, allowing the school to regain control of their own heating and hot water systems.

Minimises unnecessary travel to and from the school for clients – as issues can be diagnosed remotely on the new BMS.

Saves unnecessary breakdown charges – heating issues can be diagnosed quickly, often preventing potential repairs.