Installation of Boiler Plant and Independent Controls, Isambard Place, Swindon – The Bromford Housing Group

The Bromford Housing Group provides high- quality homes for rent and sale in central England. With more than 26,000 homes, their vision is to keep growing in a responsible way and to find innovative ways to improve their properties by providing energy efficient and customer focused solutions within their properties.


Installation of Central Boiler Plant & Independent Controls


The Bromford Housing Group




March 2013

Services Provided by J Tomlinson

Energy Efficiency – advice & installation, Repairs & Maintenance - including updating, Refurbishment – removal & installation of systems

Project Background

Isambard Place is a multi storey flat complex in Swindon owned by Bromford Housing Group. Each of the 46 flats currently had its own individual gas fired boiler and indirect hot water cylinder. The Bromford Group were keen to ensure their properties at Isambard Place were both energy efficient and cost effective, but they also wanted to give their tenants independent control of their heating and hot water. The work required extensive resident liaison to ensure disruption was kept to a minimum.

J Tomlinson Solution

J Tomlinson supplied a central boiler plant to supply ’district heating’ to the block of flats. The new system is based on an outline specification from Bromford Group to provide heating and indirect hot water to each flat at Isambard

Place from a centrally located plant room with 3 highly efficient condensing boilers. Each flat has a separate heat meter to calculate the amount of energy used. Tenants have control of the heating and hot water usage in their flats via a new two channel programmer linked to the existing controls and a new zone valve on the district heating main.

The works in the flats were programmed and coordinated by J Tomlinson to ensure the highest levels of resident satisfaction. Following individual resident liaison, we structured the works so the systems were switched over on the same day keeping the time without heating and hot water to a few hours.

Project Achievements

REDUCED MAINTENANCE COSTS FOR THE CLIENT  – our new system has reduced the number of boilers requiring servicing. It has also ensured there is no risk from carbon monoxide, as it removed all gas appliances from the flats. The main plant room backup systems have been designed specifically to limit the possibility of heating failure compared to standalone systems in individual flats.

COST EFFECTIVE & ENERGY EFFICIENT – we created a highly efficient heating system aimed at reducing energy costs for Isambard Place residents. Additionally the Client can now set competitive rates for energy usage and negotiate better rates from utilities providers. Our new system has also been designed to have greater potential to incorporate renewable energy packages into the district heating system for example an air source heat pump system could be added to the central plant room to supplement the gas boilers.

INDIVIDUAL RESIDENT CONTROL FOR HEATING AND HOT WATER – the new programmers allow instant heating as the district main is maintained at set temperature 24 hours a day.

FULL PROJECT MANAGEMENT & INSTALLATION SERVICE – including removal of existing systems, creation of new plant room, installation of boilers and associated mechanical and electrical works and making good in the flats.