Southfields Care Home

The scope included full refurbishment of the care home and associated facilities. Major internal works were required, including decorations, floor coverings, heating system replacement and enlargement of the reception area.


Northamptonshire County Council



Start Date

November 2013


18 weeks


January 2014


JCT Intermediate form of contract 2011



Building Type

Care home refurbishment

Name of referee

David Bridges

Referee email address


07753 850566

Project Background

J Tomlinson was appointed as the lead contractor and coordinated the refurbishment over six phases to accommodate staff and residents. The design split the accommodation into wings, incorporating kitchen, bathroom and heating upgrades and coordination of the new furniture commissioning and installation.

The works presented a key challenge, as they had to be delivered in a live environment with careful consideration of dementia residents.

Key Achievements

• We consulted with the staff and undertook detailed briefings on the best working methods we needed to apply to minimise disruption to staff and residents.

• Conducting the works over six phases and screening off areas reduced the impact on day-to-day activities of the care home, such as the main reception area which needed to maintain 24 hour access.

• The client had nominated a kitchen supplier, but on interrogation of their proposal we identified they could not deliver to the programme timescales. We proposed an alternative established J Tomlinson supplier, which the client approved and resulted in cost savings on kitchen units as well as mitigating programme delays.

• J Tomlinson promoted a heating upgrade to convert the old electrical system to gas, which will significantly reduce future utility costs and maintenance.