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East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust – Service Control Centre

J Tomlinson successfully completed a state of the art facility for the East Midlands Ambulance Service as part of their strategic plan to provide an up to date service to the public using modern technology.


East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust




52 weeks


JCT Intermediate with Contractors Design 2005


Stephen George & Partners

Contract Administrator

BWB Consulting

Key Features

• Concurrent with Clients direct contractors
• Specialist acoustic considerations
• Phased working
• Highly serviced building
• Exacting finishes
• Major civil engineering works
• Standby generator & UPS systems

Issues overcome during the project

Our thorough understanding of working within Emergency Service environments allows us to minimise disruption and reduce risk situations. Our works never impede the operational efficiency of the Emergency Service we are assisting allowing them to focus fully on their core role.

Achieving Programed Timescales

Works were completed to programme in phases to allow specific Headquarters and Call Centre requirements.

“We all know how rare it is for projects to follow their planned timescales and so I must congratulate the J Tomlinson team and all of the other key team members with this success.” Director, East Midlands Ambulance Service