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J Tomlinson’s Repairs & Maintenance department uses directly employed tradespeople to deliver all your planned and responsive works, including day-to-day repairs, voids, boiler installation, servicing and repair, electrical testing and remedials, and renewables installation, servicing and repair.

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Repairs & Maintenance

Our Regeneration department deliver capital works and planned improvement works. We are experienced in elemental work streams, whole house and deliver both short term specialist works and long term programmes to suit our customer’s budgets.

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J Tomlinson has a long history of refurbishing and restoring properties. We have successfully delivered major and minor refurbishment schemes for clients including works across multiple sites, to listed and heritage buildings, and to occupied buildings where maintaining the operational capability and the safety and security of the occupants is of paramount importance.

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J Tomlinson has extensive knowledge and experience in both hard and soft Facilities Management (FM). Our bespoke services range from individual contracts for specific assets to a completely outsourced solution supported by our 24/7 helpdesk.

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Facilities Management

J Tomlinson provide integrated building services or standalone mechanical or electrical services through working collaboratively with our customers at all stages, from inception through to project completion.

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Mechanical & Electrical

At J Tomlinson we work closely with customers, professional services, end users, and our supply chain to develop effective and tailored solutions. We have extensive experience in delivering construction projects within health & care, commercial & industrial, education and emergency services sectors.

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