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EV Charging

Transport continues to be the UK’s largest source of pollution at 28 per cent (Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy, 2020).

Transport continues to be the UK’s largest source of pollution at 28 per cent (Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy, 2020)


With the government targeting for the majority of new cars and vans to be electric by 2030, on-site EV charging stations will soon be a vital asset to organisations of all sizes and specialties.

EV Charger experts – design, supply, installation, maintenance

J Tomlinson supply, install and maintain safe, reliable and efficient electric vehicle charge points in commercial, domestic and public areas. Our expert, low-carbon team are equipped with the specialist resources, skills and knowledge required to undertake and manage the installation of fully sustainable electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

As an OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) approved installer, J Tomlinson is able to apply for government grants for EV charging installation projects, enabling our clients to access and take advantage of funding options.

EV Charging – what are the benefits to your organisation:

  • Improve efficiency and significantly reduce fleet-associated costs
  • Minimise carbon emissions
  • OLEV-approved installation – government grants available
  • Future-proof your organisation
  • Promote sustainability and brand social values
  • Highly convenient for business staff and visitors
  • Increase supply chain engagement opportunities
  • ESOS – Identify areas of improvement, contribute to ESOS assessment

Decarbonising my organisation’s fleet – where do I start?

Migrating your fleet to zero-emissions electric vehicles is an incredibly effective way to significantly reduce your organisation’s carbon emissions whilst reducing transport-related costs.

A range of factors should be considered in order to help you optimise the many benefits of electric vehicle charging stations for your staff, visitors, and – of course – your brand. From thorough initial consultations and assessments to ongoing maintenance, J Tomlinson’s EV charging energy services are tailored to your business’s specific requirements and sustainability goals.

For more details on working with J Tomlinson to meet your organisation’s air quality targets and increase its use of sustainable transport, get in touch here.

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